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Virtual assistant for getting your best wine

IT solution to personalize wine recommendations
There are more than 10 million types of wine in the world but life is too short to taste them all.

That's why we have developed artificial intelligence that makes world-class wine more affordable, and choosing it faster and easier
Airate is your personal online sommelier
Then AI analyses prices, characteristics, ratings, reviews and helps you with what and when to pick
It groups wines in clusters like everyday wine / perfect for seafood / or analogs to Primitivo
Our AI selects wine, learning from your taste, preferences, and previous experience
We develop IT solutions for people who have taste
Ideal for private clients
Visit our online store with exclusive wines from Europe and a virtual wine selection assistant
Perfect for wine shops
Avail yourself a technology that helps customers quickly find the right wine among the assortment on your website
Airate makes life of wine lovers better
Save 45 minutes on picking a good wine
We simplify the selection process
You can quickly pick the right bottle, even if you are not a wine expert
Help purchase 3 times better-quality wine at a regular price
We make better wine more affordable
You can now easily enjoy unique wines and rare varieties for less money
We help independent wine merchants
You can expand your online audience and make your customers' experiences more enjoyable
Increase your revenue and conversion x5
Reduce cost for assortment management x10
We install special plugin on the wine store website that ranks wines in various categories
In 4-5 questions, you can choose from a huge assortment the wine that matches your taste or occasion
Technology means maturation of best decisions
We test tools all the time and strive to make the selection maximum user-friendly
Lifelong client value

Cost per customer

(Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden)
Our algorithms help independent wine businesses all over Europe
Combining experience for a leap forward
Become part of the Future!
We cultivate ideas in a progressive environment
Sharing sparkling ideas and wine life hacks in the media
Follow our startup and see, how it develops!
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